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About Us.

Erotica-- not porn-- Yes, there is a difference.

Fetish photography, drawings, other graphics.

This society is for supporting masturbation and veiwing of images that would result in such activity.

fascination is masturbation in itself.


1.All kinks are welcome, except the illegal kind-- that means that no nasty comments about things you happen not to find appealing, you can express your disinterest, but the word gross is not welcome here, or anyhting of that sort
Lack of kinks is also welcome-- vanilla is not a bad thing, some people aren't into all the kinky shit some of us are.

2.If you find a picture that you like, post it-- I moderate all posts to filter out possible bald-faced porn, but only if it's bad porn

3.Opinions against the subject matter of this community may be submitted to my trash bin and I will get back to you when I'm in a bad mood and want to rant at someone about my beliefs, or lack thereof, in societal standards.

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